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The profession of interpreter and translator, as I see, exercise and live it, is synonymous with trust, discretion, the capability to meet my customers' requirements and professional communication. It is anything but anonymous. My main objective is to cooperate and act in your interests.

Professional interpreting and translation services cannot be pulled out of a hat. The processes involved are of much greater complexity than simply speaking, composing texts, journalistic or technical writing. It is most certainly more dynamic than translating a string of individual words. In reality, this job entails programming modules intuitively and combining all the components correctly.

The interpreter / translator requires insight and must pay close attention to the linguistic nuances, cultural uniqueness and the technical background of the languages used. He or she must constantly reorient himself / herself to maintain a specific linguistic context, recognize meanings and identify the speaker's or writer's intentions.

The complexity of this process is precisely what drew me to freelance work in this field. Direct customer contact, extensive text analysis, detailed research and an excellent price/performance ratio are very good reasons for you to choose high quality and qualification!

Laura Arosio

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